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Graham's Landing - Waterfront Restaurant and Bar - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina : Review By Joey O'Connor

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There are literally dozens of restaurants and bars on Highway 17 Business Murrells Inlet - otherwise known as "Restaurant Row." One of them, Graham's Landing, is pretty much at the farthest Southern point of the area - off the beaten path and the hustle and bustle of the "MarshWalk" area.

Last week I was wondering where I would take my girlfriend to dinner for our Friday date night. I knew I wanted it to be somewhere fairly quiet with a great view of the inlet, but I didn't want it to break my wallet. I just so happened to be passing by Graham's Landing when I was thinking all of this and thought, shoot, let me try that place. Later that day I looked them up on the web and found their website and took a look at their menu. Wow, some great standard items and some unique fare, at a reasonable price! So, off to Graham's Landing we went!

Graham's Landing does seem to be in fact both a restaurant and a bar, but hey, it's Murrells Inlet, people! That's the way of life around here...have a drink or three to relax and have a good time and then have some great food! I've always said it's kind of hard to get a bad meal in Murrells Inlet - the seafood capital of South Carolina - and Graham's Landing stood strong! I was actually impressed with what I had to eat, and so was my girlfriend! You think I'm hard to please...geesh! Lol!

Anyway, so after looking at the menu and trying to decide for 15 minutes on what I was going to order (it, in all honesty looked fantastic, especially the stuffed shrimp with crabmeat mixture finished with lobster cream for $18.99), I finally decided to really test the kitchen...I chose the scallops...fried scallops. I had two choices...one was a "platter" ($18.99, I think) that would come with a salad and vegetable and a twice-baked potato or grit cake, and the other was a "basket" ($14.99) that would just come with a choice of fries or tots and a side of cole slaw. I chose the "basket" with tots. Yep, I said tots...as in tater-tots. Something we still all love from our childhood, right? Anyway, now here is why I chose the fried scallops. First off, some restaurants really screw-up scallops and cook them way too long, and, second, Graham's menu stated "lightly dusted" - which we all know restaurants have a different definition of this term right? So, let's test them on both how they cook the scallops - undercooked, cooked perfectly, or overcooked - and see what their real meaning of the term "lightly dusted" meant. Holy cow, batman! They were perfectly cooked and true to their term, "lightly dusted" - not one little crumb of breading came off! You could actually see the scallop through the breading...if in fact I want to even call it breading. Yeah, let's not call it breading...maybe it was just flour. Whatever the heck it was, it was fantastic! Seasoned just right! You know when you order something fried, then eat it, and when you finish you really wished you would have gotten it grilled or broiled...well not here...I bet you won't say that at Graham's!  

My girlfriend was going to order the Flounder Francaise - pan sauteed in egg coating with lemon, butter, white wine, and capers over linguini pasta ($16.99) but decided to go with the fish tacos ($9.99)...blackened flounder fish tacos to be exact...and she absolutely loved them! She received three soft flour tortillas with napa cabbage slaw and cheddar cheese. On the side was pico de gallo and mango habanero cooli. And. oh yeah, she also chose tots instead of fries...lol! She told me later in the night that she definately wanted to go back and get the fish tacos again and try them with just their regular coleslaw for a little savory twist! Yes ma'am, we will do that soon!

Don't worry if you don't like scallops or fish tacos. Graham's Landing has tons to choose from...Other seafood items, salads, some speciality items, even hamburgers, wraps, and chicken sandwiches! I think they would have something for everyone!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...the night we were there they had a special appetizer for $9.99...fried green tomatoes! So of course we just had to try those. They were lightly coated in a breaded mixture and pan fried served with a side of pimento cheese and a seasoned ranch style dressing. Absolutely fantastic!

So next time you are in Murrells Inlet, give Graham's Landing a try! My bet is you are going to like it! And make sure you sit outside if the weather is nice!  Check out their website if you would like at http://www.GrahamsLa...rrellsInlet.com

About Joey O'Connor:
Joey O'Connor is an author, writer, and the current editor of OnTheGrandStrand.com. He is also the founder and publisher of many online publications as well as the owner of over 50 websites and networks. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, North Carolina (where he was born and raised) Joey is currently residing in Murrells Inlet, SC. Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website at http://www.JoeyOConnor.com

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