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Prosser's BBQ Murrells Inlet, SC - Breakfast Buffet - Review By Joey O'Connor

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Most of you by now are well aware of the fact that I moved down to Murrells Inlet, SC back in August to devote my life to this online publication OnTheGrandStrand.com. Well, I'm going to tell you something, since the very first day I was here, all I kept hearing was "Have you eaten at Prosser's yet?"  "Have you eaten at Prosser's yet?" "Have you eaten at Prosser's yet?" The guy at the hotel, the owner of the fishing store, the PR dude, the ladies at the pier, some new friends we met, shoot, I even think one day the mail carrier asked me! Go for their breakfast buffet! Go for their lunch buffet! Go for their dinner buffet! Everyone seemed to have their favorite time to visit Prosser's... So, after many months, and being tired of answering "no" to the question - wanting so desperately to be able to finally say "yes" .. I made definitive plans to go to Prosser's.

Before I went I visited their website at http://www.ProssersBBQ.com to check on their pricing. We were going to go for breakfast the coming Saturday and for some reason I was thinking it was going to be another $12 or $14 buffet per person meal - like most other breakfast buffets around here seem to be priced. Well.. guess what? The heck with those high prices!! Prosser's is only $6.50 per person! Can you believe that! Only $6.50 per person! I'm ashamed I didn't check their prices sooner as I would have gone there many times before!




We arrived at Prosser's last Saturday around 9:30am for their Breakfast Buffet. What was a $6.50 breakfast buffet going to look like? What was the establishment going to look like? What about the people and staff? Can't be all that good for $6.50... WRONG!! Everything and everyone was great! We were pleasantly greeted when we walked in the door, were shown a table, the waitress immediately came by and asked if we wanted to order something off the menu or wanted the buffet, then asked what we wanted to drink. Getting ahead of the story a bit, she checked in on us a few times during our meal and was very nice! Too nice in fact - and the only reason why I say "too nice" is that you know her tips can't be all that much at a place that only charges $6.50/per so why should she really go out of her way and take extra steps to check in on us. Well, Prosser's must really take care of their staff and she must really like what she does! Way to go! Anyway...

So, could there possibly be anything good on Prosser's breakfast buffet for only $6.50? Heck yeah buddy! Scrambled eggs, bacon (really good!), country ham (good as well!), grits, biscuits, gravy, sausage, pancakes, french toast sticks, fruit, homefries (fried potato squares), much much more, really too much to list it all, and of course... Barbecue! Yep, you even get Prosser's famous BBQ on the breakfast buffet! I'm not sure how they can afford to keep selling their buffet for only $6.50 like they do... oh wait, yes I do, because of the volume of customers that eat there! It was a pretty full house when we were there but not over-crowded! Prosser's restaurant lay-out, and where there buffet is located, makes it easy for people to eat and move around freely without a "crowded" feel. And it's a bigger place than it looks from the street! Prosser's has been around since 1988 so they apparently know what they are doing!

Prosser's BBQ in Murrells Inlet, SC is definitely a top place where locals go to eat - but don't worry, even if you are just visiting while on vacation in the area, they will treat you like a local! And, let's think about their price once again - they aren't inflating it for the vacationers... they just offer a great meal at a great price! For everyone! It's worth a trip to Prosser's breakfast buffet no matter what part of the Grand Strand you might be living in or visiting!



Stay tuned for two more Prosser's reviews! I'm going back soon for their lunch buffet and dinner buffet! I can't wait!

About Joey O'Connor:
Joey O'Connor is an author, writer, and the current editor of http://www.OnTheGrandStrand.com - He is also the founder and publisher of many online publications (including the 50,000+ pages http://www.GolfClubBusiness.com) as well as the owner of over 50 additional websites and networks. Joey is also a registered musician with BMI and has been a professional in the golf industry for over 20 years. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, North Carolina (where he was born and raised) Joey is currently residing in Murrells Inlet, SC. Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website  http://www.JoeyOConnor.com

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