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BooZi - The Elixir Fixer : Review By Joey O'Connor

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Who likes to drink a cocktail from time-to-time? Me! Who likes to drink "a few" cocktails from time-to-time? Me! Who likes to have a hangover the next day? Not Me! Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that would almost keep you from getting a hangover? Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that would make liquor - especially inexpensive liquor - taste better? Guess What? There is something! It's a BooZi!


A BooZi you ask? Yep, I pretty much asked the same question. What the heck is a BooZi? Did it really work? Did it really do what it claimed?


Well, I did a little research on it on my own and then contacted one of the owners of BooZi LLC, Sheila Walberg-O'Neil, and asked for a private explanation.

She was so kind and receptive and said, "It would be my pleasure to meet with you personally and tell you all about the BooZi!" So, a few days later I met her at the BooZi, LLC marketing headquarters in downtown Conway, South Carolina.

First off, let me state that their marketing headquarters in Conway is really just that... their marketing headquarters. It is not really a "store" or "shop" that is open to the public on a daily basis. It is a location where they work on their products and have special tasting events. I only state all of this as I wouldn't want you to be disappointed if you went downtown to visit them and they weren't open. So, make sure you keep your ears alert for one of their next tasting events! And, when they have tasting events they are free and open to the public!

If you can't attend an event, you can just take my word for it that the BooZi works! And shoot, let's also think about it this way - the BooZi is not expensive. You can get one for only $8.99! So shoot, if you can't attend a tasting, and if you even don't want to keep reading below and take my word for it, just go ahead and purchase one and try it for yourself! You will taste a difference, but if for some odd reason you don't, it'll only cost you a few dollars! But here is the good news: once you try it out and taste the difference, you will want to buy some more of them - you could get a 2 pack or 4 pack or even a 13 pack which averages out to be less than $4 each! So again, we aren't talking a big investment here folks... but we are talking about big results!

Ok, so let's get back to it... BooZi, BooZi, BooZi... this is a "thing" that you put in your liquor bottle, wine bottle, spirits bottle, and technically could also work on plain water - to make tea and coffee better too, but we are just going to concentrate on alcohol today! Whoo hoo! Ok, anyway, it is a "device." I would hate to call it a filter as that term wouldn't do it justice and besides a "filter" is usually something you would use to pour something into.. to filter whatever you are pouring. Well let's think about that for a second. How long is what you are pouring actually flowing over whatever is inside the filter? Less than a second? Maybe a full second? Maybe a few seconds? Well shoot, it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that the longer a liquid is inside of, or touches whatever is inside of the filter, the better it would work and "filter out" whatever it is that it is designed to do. The BooZi is NOT something that you pour into, it is something that you place into - into the bottle. It is designed to stay in the bottle for many hours, to pull and draw the "Booze" into it in order to take the bitter and off-tasting impurities out! In fact, the BooZi can stay in the bottle all the time! Not forever, as the jacket, or the outside, is a biodegradable product that would eventually break down over time.  But it is designed to be placed in a bottle for a day or two and then can be taken out if you would like.. Or if you are like me, you would be buying a new bottle by that time anyway! Hahaha... So...guess what?! The BooZi is re-usable! Up to 4 times! So yes that basically means 4 bottles worth! Keep it in one bottle for a week, then when that bottle is empty take it out and add it to a new bottle, then when that bottle is empty take it out and add it to a new bottle, then when that bottle is empty take it our and add it to a new bottle. Then throw that BooZi away and purchase a new one for your next round of four bottles!




So let's get down to it... here's a question for you.... You ever took a shot of liquor and then once it was in your mouth and you swallowed it, you made a weird and awful looking facial expression and then you stuck your tongue out and moved it in and out of your mouth trying to get that taste off? Haha.. yeah, we have all done that from time to time... Well, BooZi can certainly help you with all of that from happening! Mrs. O'Neil explained to me, "Well most of that is brought on from all of the impurities in cheap liquor. Have you ever purchased a real expensive bottle of liquor? When you take a shot of that stuff you don't really make the same face or have the same taste in your mouth right? Right! Of course you don't because that is why you bought that expensive bottle - to taste better. Well the BooZi makes cheap liquor taste better so you can save some money and not have to purchase the expensive bottle. But here is the good news too.. the BooZi makes the real expensive liquor taste even better! So it helps no matter what you drink! And remember, part of the reason why you get a hangover the next day is because of the impurities in the inexpensive liquor... take the impurities out and in turn you won't have a hangover - or certainly not near as much of one."

She goes on to say, "Trust me. The BooZi works. I drink. I like to drink. I drink a lot. Back before the BooZi, I was tired of feeling hungover all the time. So, my best friend and I were outside on the patio one evening discussing just such a problem - of course while having a few drinks - so we did some research on why people feel hungover the next day, why they get headaches the next day, etc. So, once we had an idea we ran with it. At first just for our need but then we figured that everyone would benefit from it! So, the BooZi was born!"

Mrs. O'Neil was nice enough to give me my own BooZi so I could try it myself. I figured I would try it on some wine - a cheap Cabernet, oh wait, let me say an inexpensive Cabernet that I already had at home. I figured that testing it on a inexpensive bottle of Cabernet would really tell how well it might take the "pucker" out of your mouth. (Those that drink Cabernet, especially inexpensive Cabernet know what I'm talking about). So, here is what I did. I opened the bottle and slowly poured a glass full out of it into a mason jar - very slowly like when pouring a beer in a glass - so I wouldn't airate it - and then tightened the air-tight lid. Then, after reading and following the directions on the BooZi package, dropped the BooZi into the wine bottle and immediately corked it back up. I figured now each of those had the same certain amount of air exposure and now were air-tight again. The package on the BooZi said wait 4-6 hours for wine but I figured over night might even be better. So, the next evening around 7pm it was time for my own taste test! I poured a glass out of the bottle into a clean wine glass and then poured what was in the mason jar into another matching clean wine glass. First I looked and smelled each one. They looked the same but smelled totally different! Wow! So then the tasting... I first tasted the one that came from the bottle with the BooZi... Hmmmm, it was really good. It tasted like a good wine. A little smooth. Some grapes. Some alcohol taste. Hell I would drink it. OK, so now on to the glass that was just from the mason jar (non-BooZi). Good Lord! I got that mouth "pucker" again. Holy Cow Batman! This BooZi thing really worked! This glass seemed really awful after drinking the BooZi one. It was "thicker" tasting and had a sharpness to it. So I went back and tasted the other one again, then back to the other one, then back again, then again... Seriously the BooZi really made a difference. For how I tested it, and then for how I tasted it, next time I drink a bottle of Cabernet, I'm sticking a BooZi in it first!



Here is a little note and addition: about half the bottle was remaining and it still had the BooZi in it so the evening after my taste test, I got to drink another glass out of it. Well I'll be damned... this glass was even better than last night's glass! So I would now have to say that I would agree that the longer you keep the BooZi in the bottle, the better your "Booze" will be! Excellent! Well, let me get going as I need to "officially" buy a BooZi so I can try it next on my favorite bottle of whiskey! I'll try to keep you posted on that taste test too!

To learn everything you need to know about the BooZi, and/or to purchase one, please visit http://www.BooZi.net


View All Of Our BooZi Photos at http://www.onthegran...e-elixir-fixer/


About Joey O'Connor:
Joey O'Connor is the editor of OnTheGrandStrand.com and the new ConwayLiving.com - He is also an author, photographer, musician, golf professional, pr/marketing guy, web designer, and a developer of over 30 networks and websites. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, NC (where he was born and raised) Joey has finally moved to where his heart belongs - On The Grand Strand! In Conway, South Carolina to be exact! Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website http://www.JoeyOConnor.com

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