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The Homebrewer's Pantry and The Bottle Shop at The Pantry - Conway, South Carolina : Review By Joey O'Connor

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Update 01/04/2016 -- Now only called "The Bottle Shop", this great little establishment in Conway, South Carolina has an updated look and tons of plans for the coming year... Live Music Thursday's, Special Happy Hour Friday's, Saturday Game Nights and much more! For complete details, visit them at their new website at http://www.TheBottleShopConway.com




Are you a home brewer? You know, make your own beer, wine, mead, cider or spirits. Or, have you ever wanted to make your own but don't know where to start? Well, whether you need supplies for your current brewing or whether you need a full kit to get you started, or maybe you just have some questions about it all... check out The Homebrewer's Pantry in Conway, South Carolina!


The Homebrewer's Pantry started about a year and a half ago out of the love and passion for what else... Homebrewing! There was a need for a local place that offered the best in equipment and supplies so "The Pantry" was born! "Homebrewing is becoming more and more popular each day. Hundreds of thousands of people are brewing at home with many of who are located in/around the Grand Strand area." stated Thomas Lucas, owner of The Homebrewer's Pantry - everyone calls him "Lucas". "Homebrewers in the area used to have to drive hours away to get supplies or go online to order. It's a pleasure to be able to offer everyone a source in the area for the best in grains, hops, yeast, and equipment. Stuff that they can actually see, feel, and smell. You can't do that online." By the way, Lucas is a great guy and probably one of the the nicest guys you will ever meet! Hopefully you yourself will get a chance to talk with him in person to see the excitement and passion in his eyes when he talks about beer making and beer drinking! He knows his stuff!




Ok, let me chime in here for a moment. Homebrewing is really an art. After you make your first batch or two, you will want to start really making "good" beer. Sure, you can by a kit and make some beer (or whatever you want to make) and drink it and say wow that's good. However, for "good" beer it is a little more trouble to make, does take some time, and you will need the best ingredients. But those that make their own knows it's worth it! It takes a few weeks at least for a good beer. Sure, some people cheat and open up one after a week but a few weeks is best. The Homebrewer's Pantry can help you with new recipes to try or can help you tweak your own each time you make a batch to get it better and better - just the way you want it!


The Bottle Shop at The Pantry is a newer section of the store - basically a separate area in the back that offers tons of craft beers! Take 'em home to drink or drink a few at the shop! "After our first full year here, we added the ability to buy some beer. Craft beer to be specific. Come in after work and drink a few, or come in after work to take home a few - or actually do both!" Lucas explained. "We opened up The Bottle Shop for a few reasons. First and foremost, homebrewers not only love to make their own beer but they love beer and they love to taste other people's beer! Good Beer! In our case they can purchase beer from over 50 craft breweries! We give everyone the option to purchase single beers so that they can always be able to try new beers as we get them in. No need to waste money and buy an entire 6-pack 'til you really like a specific beer."




The Bottle Shop at The Pantry offers nightly "Happy Hour" specials - they usually have 4 or 5 crafts on tap - as well as weekly and monthly specials. One of their most recent promotions is bring a friend Friday Nights and share a 6-pack of craft beer for only $20! Actually I think they might have extended that special for every night now!


I think it is very important for me to let everyone know that The Bottle Shop at The Pantry is NOT a bar! And I would not even call it a drinking establishment! I would however call it a unique, quaint, local hang-out where you can go to drink a few craft beers and talk about beer with great and friendly people.


Editor's Note : Ok guys... yes, for the guys only... next time your lady says, "you never go anywhere with me, please go with me shopping in downtown Conway" .... tell her ok, I will baby! Why? WTF Joey! Why in the world would I want to do that? Well... cause you will have some fun and get major brownie points if do!!! Here's how... hang out with her for the first half-hour or so THEN excuse yourself and tell her sweetly that you are going off by yourself for a while and that you will have a surprise for her when you catch up with her later.... What? Yeah yeah, I know hang on with me..... you can leave her for an hour or just a little bit longer so that you can stop over to The Homebrewer's Pantry and The Bottle Shop! Hang out there and sit a while on some comfortable chairs and drink a few! Talk some small-talk or some beer talk, and THEN, before you leave to get back to her, look around the "Pantry" and purchase a custom wine glass for her, or some unique coffee or tea for her, or some cute little trinket for her. Once you give it to her she will think you had been off hunting for that special item all the time and she'll give you tons of brownie points for it! It will be our little secret and you can owe me later.. haha


Anyone that is in/around the Grand Strand area of South Carolina should drop by The Homebrewer's Pantry in Historic Downtown Conway at 1015 4th Avenue. Out of the area or can't get by the shop? Just visit their website at http://www.HomebrewersPantry.com or you could give them a call at (843) 73BEERS - how's that for a phone number!


View All Of Our Photos of The Homebrewer's Pantry by Clicking Here


About Joey O'Connor:

Joey O'Connor is the editor of OnTheGrandStrand.com and the new ConwayLiving.com - He is also an author, photographer, musician, golf professional, pr/marketing guy, web designer, and a developer of over 30 networks and websites. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, NC (where he was born and raised) Joey has finally moved to where his heart belongs - On The Grand Strand! In Conway, South Carolina to be exact! Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website http://www.JoeyOConnor.com

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