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The Horry County Museum - Conway, South Carolina : Review By Joey O'Connor

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Step back in time, and maybe even a little forward to the future, by visiting the Horry County Museum. Yeah, Yeah, I hear you now... a stuffy old museum... no thank you. No worry about that here with the Horry County Museum! It's almost brand new! It's been open for only the past few years and has exhibits allowing you to learn a ton about Horry County that you just have to see - whether you live in the area or are just visiting while on vacation! And the best news here, It's Absolutely Free! No Admission Charge! Yep, Free! Go by yourself, bring a friend, or bring your entire family! Visiting the Horry County Museum should be on the top of your to do list!


I had been trying to work in some time over the past month or so to visit the museum but my schedule just didn't allow it. Well guess what? A few weeks ago Thursday (August 6th, 2015) I received notice that two of my meetings scheduled for the next day on Friday afternoon got cancelled so I thought, dang it, this is my chance right now - I'm going to the museum! So, I shot an email over to my PR/Media contact at the museum - Marion Haynes - and told her my news and that I was coming - just to walk around, see the exhibits, and maybe take a few photos - and low and behold she wrote me back thanking me so very much for coming and that she had arranged for me to actually have a personal guided tour with the museum director Walter Hill. Cool Beans! Fantastic!




So, at 2:30pm on Friday August 7th I arrived at the Museum. Before I even entered, just walking up the side-walk, I was already impressed with just the size of this place. It is actually in an old school. The old Burroughs School building to be exact. It has a majestic and regal look. Anyway, so I went up the steps and entered the building and was almost immediately welcomed by a charming lady at the receptionist area. She asked if we were just here to look around for a while and I said yes but told her who I was and she said "Oh yes, well we have been expecting you! Let me give Mr. Hill a call and see if he is coming down to greet you or if he wants you to go upstairs to meet with him." Well, a short time later, Walter Hill, the Director of The Horry County Museum came down to great us. I actually heard his foot steps walking down the staircase and I was thinking to myself "Man, I hope this isn't going to be some some old dude showing us around." Guess what? No old dude here! Walter looks like a regular guy! A man maybe in his 40's. Wearing some almost plain street clothes. Made me feel right at home! (You will be able to see pictures of him in our photos section) Note: Here's the reason why I'm telling you all of this. I honestly haven't been to a museum in like 30 years - probably back from high school. I can remember the musty, dusty smell of the place and the people that worked there were that way too! No fun in that and not a real good way to get people to learn! So, none of that here at The Horry County Museum! It's far from musty and dusty! You will love the place! And the people! And if you have children, they are going to love the place too!


Ok, moving on... So the first thing you will notice when you enter the museum is a spiral staircase and the world-famous aquarium! Oh wait, I remember being told by Walter that this is NOT a spiral staircase. It is a helix staircase or something like that - the term has to do something with our DNA structure. The staircase was designed to be easy for everyone to use and walk-up or down (however the museum also does have an elevator as well as a wheelchair accessible lift). Walter also told us that if you took the staircase out of the museum it would stand up all by itself! No support from the walls is actually needed! It is so grand that it had to actually be placed in the museum through the roof! Shoot, it's worth coming to the museum just to see the thing! Hehe.... The world-famous aquarium? Oh come on people! You know what I'm talking about here! This was the one that was featured on an episode of TANKED on the Animal Planet channel! What? You didn't see the episode? Well, no worries there! You could Google it or probably find it on YouTube HOWEVER you don't have to do that! When you come visit the museum, they have the episode running continuously on a loop in their wonderful auditorium! (Everyday except for days/times they have special events in the auditorium) Watch it on the big screen! I will tell you what... I watched the episode the first night it was on TV back a few Septembers ago and about 4 times on re-runs too - all before coming to the museum. In walking around, and seeing the aquarium up close and in person, and then watching the episode of TANKED again, WOW, it took on a whole new meaning! To actually see it, touch it, smell it, be a part of it, and see it on TV.. it was a cool feeling! Hope you get to experience that too!




Ok, Ok, moving on again... So Walter took us around explaining all about the museum and the exhibits. But here is what I really liked about Walter... I think he really enjoyed talking about the museum! Here is what some of you might not realize. When people like me (in the media) go to review a place, most of the time you can tell that the people we are dealing with seem to be on their best behavior. Like they have something to proove. Most of the time this makes them kind of "robotic" and stiff. I mean look, I'm sure Walter has given hundreds of tours so far at the museum. That's really part of his job being the Director. But he wasn't just "going thru the motions" here with us. I could actually see the passion, and excitement in his eyes and facial expressions. He really truly cared about the museum and it was like he really enjoyed the fact that he could give us the tour and talk to us! So refreshing! Thank you Walter!


I could go on for days explaining all about the exhibits, about the refurbishing of the school building to turn it into the museum, etc., but I'm not going to bore you with reading my words any longer! Take a look at my photos, take a look at the museum's website, and then more importantly go visit it! I'm sure you will be glad you did! And again, it's free to get in so no excuses about your budget!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Part of the museum (and only a few miles away from it) is actually a learning farm - the L.W. Paul Living History Farm to be exact! You can also go out there (free of charge as well) to experience what life was like being on a family farm back in the early to mid 1900's! They still grow various vegetables and tobacco and do all of the daily duties to keep a farm alive and well! That's why it's called a living history farm! It's a really neat place! You just have to visit it! Keep on eye out, as just like the museum, the farm has many special events.




To learn more about the Horry County Museum as well as the L.W. Paul Living History Farm simply visit http://www.HorryCountyMuseum.org


View our photos of the Horry County Museum by Clicking Here


View our photos of the L.W. Paul Living History Farm by Clicking Here


About Joey O'Connor:

Joey O'Connor is the editor of OnTheGrandStrand.com and the new ConwayLiving.com - He is also an author, photographer, musician, golf professional, pr/marketing guy, web designer, and a developer of over 30 networks and websites. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, NC (where he was born and raised) Joey has finally moved to where his heart belongs - On The Grand Strand! In Conway, South Carolina to be exact! Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website http://www.JoeyOConnor.com

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