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Rivertown Roasters On Main - Conway, South Carolina : Review by Joey O'Connor

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Rivertown Roasters on Main is a quaint little establishment that is certainly THE place to go in downtown Conway to sit-a-spell, relax a bit, and enjoy a good cup of coffee... and actually not just drink it, but experience it!... How a cup of coffee is supposed to taste!


Did you notice in that last paragraph that I didn't use the words “coffee shop?”... Rivertown Roasters on Main a “coffee shop?” Nope... They are sooo much more than a coffee shop! You won't find a teenager pouring coffee in a cup and throwing in some creamer and sugar and taking your money at this place! No sir... These ladies breathe and eat coffee – oh wait, I guess I should say breathe and drink coffee! It is their life! Who am I talking about? Well, the owners.... Lee Gallagher and Brenda Ivester planned their venture for 7 years before opening it! During that time they even kept their eye out for the special equipment that they wanted! Once they found it at a great price, they purchased it and placed it in storage – waiting for their opening day to come! This was NOT an overnight success story! Well, before they opened their doors anyway!




“We are all about the beans,” Lee explained to me. “Small batches that are non-gmo and sustainable, fair trade, organic beans is all we purchase and all we roast... yes we roast all of our beans in our own small-batch roaster.” (she then took me in the back and showed me their roaster... a majestic, regal, and cool piece of equipment if you ask me)...... She continued, “Life is too short to drink crappy coffee... all I want to do is serve good coffee to great people.”


We will get back to the coffee in just a moment, but there is really more to the story here. These ladies had prior experience in remodeling/refurbishing houses so that is what they did with Rivertown Roasters On Main. “We closed on the property in September 2014 and started the demo/remo a few weeks later on October 1st “ Brenda told me. “We used whatever we could save and reuse.. probably around 75% of what you see in the walls, floors, and ceiling. Four and a half months later we opened in February 2015.” Let me add something in here... they even took the time and planned small things and even made their bathroom “match” and look fantastic! I guess it's kinda hard to explain, you just have to go visit them and see everything for yourself, but my point is they just didn't throw a bunch of equipment in a building and start selling... they put their hearts and souls in it! Seriously, go see it for yourself and ask them about their coffee... you will most certainly see the passion in their eyes! Also, ask them about the history of the building they are in – especially the wall that is on the theatre side!




Ok, Ok, let's get back to the coffee..... I've had the pleasure so far of getting coffee a few different ways at RivertownRoasters On Main (or commonly referred to as RROM) but my favorite, and when I want a real treat and be spoiled, is their new “Pour-Over” method! Brenda or Lee actually pours hot water over fresh coffee grounds right in front of you while you watch... in fact, you get to see them grind up the beans to make the grounds as well!... then you get to watch it drip in the cup... it takes a few extra minutes to get it to your lips but it's soooo worth it if you want your coffee the 100% way... just perfectly roasted coffee (I personally get the darkest roast possible) with purified water at the perfect hot temperature!! Nothing more, nothing less.... and look, here's my advice... getting a cup of coffee like this is like drinking a single-malt scotch.. you don't dare ruin the taste of it by mixing it with soda, or ginger ale! So, please don't ruin this either... drink it straight up black and appreciate its' taste! If you want something sweet, sugary, and flavored just tell them and they will hook you up, but not with a “Pour-Over.” That's just my 2 cents!




I asked Lee what their most popular drink/coffee was and she actually rambled off the 5 or 6 that most people ordered but she did go on to say that their most popular drink in the afternoon is their hand-crafted cold brew coffee! “It actually took us over 6 months to perfect it,” she stated. “We use purified water and steep it overnight. It's really good and we actually even turn 'non-coffee' drinkers into coffee drinkers by making them one of these.”


Are you in a hurry? Who's not right? … well, no need to wait in line during their busy times of the day... Get a cup to go from the Rivertown Roasters on Main's Honor Bar! They usually have 2 and sometimes 3 perfectly brewed blends ready for you to put in a small, medium or large cup and even put in sugar and creamer if you would like, throw a lid on it, take a dollar or two out of your purse or pocket and place it in the money box hanging on the wall and go! You get the same quality in-house roasted bean coffee as their made-to-order service!




Shoot, don't just take my word for it. Here are some tid-bits I found around the web from people who have visited them... “The best handcrafted coffee”... “Masters of their craft”.... “True experts”... “A delightful bistro with even better coffee”... “If you are a coffee lover this place is a must”... “Love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of this small cafe.”


Rivertown Roasters on Main not only features fresh roasted coffee from their own roaster, but also bold espresso drinks, other specialty flavored drinks during the holiday season, whole leaf specialty teas, fresh pastries from a local baker, and lots more! Oh yeah, and of course they sell their own roasted beans by the bag so you can even enjoy their quality coffee in the comfort of your own home!


A fun fact.... Did you know that Coffee is the 2nd most commodity traded? #1 happens to be oil so I was personally shocked to hear that coffee was #2!


Rivertown Roasters on Main is located at 337 Main St, Conway, South Carolina 29526 right next door from the Theatre of The Republic and across the street from Crady's Eclectic Cuisine. They are open Tue-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm and Sat 8:30am-2:00pm with extended hours to support concert goers at most, if not all, Theatre of The Republic performances! You can contact them by phone at (843) 438-8049 or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook...nroastersonmain


View All Of Our Photos From Our Trip To Rivertown Roasters On Main By Clicking Here.


About Joey O'Connor:

Joey O'Connor is the editor of OnTheGrandStrand.com and the new ConwayLiving.com - He is also an author, photographer, musician, golf professional, pr/marketing guy, web designer, and a developer of over 30 networks and websites. After 46 years of living in Greensboro, NC (where he was born and raised) Joey has finally moved to where his heart belongs - On The Grand Strand! In Conway, South Carolina to be exact! Complete information on Joey can be found by visiting his website http://www.JoeyOConnor.com


Joey O'Connor, editor


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